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Bulldog Hydraulics & Gaskets for C11 Engines


Bulldog is very resourceful yet again!!!

Bulldog expanded to include Gaskets & Hydraulics for C11 Engines .

C11 engines are used in Medium Sized Applications such as 966H Wheel Loaders!

Bulldog Hydraulics & Gaskets for C11 Engines

New BULLDOG Gasket groups for C-Series / 3412E / 35xx Engines

New BULLDOG Gasket groups for C-Series / 3412E / 35xx Engines

New  BULLDOG Gaskets

Bulldog Gasket Kits & Bulldog Hydraulics for C-Series Engines
Gasket groups for 3412E Engines
Gasket groups for 35XX

Newly available Gaskets, Gasket groups, O-Rings and Seal groups including:

  • Gasket groups for C-Series Engines
  • Gasket groups for 3412E Engines
  • Gasket groups for 35XX Engines

Bulldog Hydraulics Kit, O-rings & Bushings


Bulldog Hydraulics – New arrival

New Hydraulics

Newly available kits, o-rings, bushings and seal rings including:

Kits for 938H Wheel Loaders
Kits for 953D Crawler Loaders
Kits for 416E, 420E Backhoe Loaders

Immediate Stocks of Bulldog Heavy Duty Equipment Spares @ Poh Leong Tractor Pte Ltd

View details of  Bulldog Hydraulics Kit, O-rings, Bushings and Seal rings V0213

Bulldog Hydraulics & Gaskets for C10 Engines!


Bulldog now produces Gaskets & Hydraulics for C10 Engines.

More specifically, C10 Gaskets and Hydraulics are used for On-Highway-Applications

See full listings of Bulldog Gaskets & Hydraulics for C10 On-Highway Application Engines

Poh Leong Tractors Pte Ltd have immediate stock!!! SURPRISE!!!!

Email : to be attended by our Friendly Sales Executive!!!!

Bulldog Hydraulics & Bulldog Gaskets – Available for C7 Engines

Bulldog® is pleased to announce new kits for the Caterpillar® C-Series Engines!

Poh Leong Tractors Pte Ltd have immediate stock!!!

Call 62954488 or

Our friendly experienced sales personnel will be available to assist you!

Bulldog Gaskets & Hydraulics for C7 Engines

Bulldog Hydraulics and Gaskets extend coverage to C Series Engines!!

For medium sized applications such as D6R Tractors.

Immediate stocks available. Contact Poh Leong Tractors Pte Ltd for all your Bulldog Hydraulics & Bulldog Gaskets requirements!

Bulldog Hydraulics & Gaskets for C9 Engines