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If you’re a monogamist whom really loves a non-monogamist, you can find three things you should know

If you’re a monogamist whom really loves a non-monogamist, you can find three things you should know

If you’re a monogamist who really loves a non-monogamist, you can find three things you must know.

by Ghia Vitale

photo due to Nemanja Glumac

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The great news is monogamous individuals will enjoy satisfying relationships with polyamorous individuals. The bad news is that mono/poly relationships are quite difficult. Mono/poly pairings aren’t precisely condemned to failure, however the inherent characteristics are a lot more challenging than relationships by which both events share comparable love-styles. Not merely does everyone else love differently, but most of us find satisfaction in various means. The prosperity of mono/poly relationships varies according to both partners accepting and respecting one another as people who have various psychological requirements.

We reside in a mononormative tradition that informs us relationships are merely valid whenever they’re exclusive. Mono/poly relationships challenge this rule that is unwritten only 1 partner continues to be monogamous. Seems challenging, right? As a polyamorous individual, I’ve seen close up exactly just exactly how a monogamist handles such a predicament. We dated an individual who had a wife that is monogamous. She had been effortlessly among the best metamours I’ve ever endured. (“Metamour” refers to your partner’s other lovers. More on that subsequent.) A monogamist in a relationship with a poly individual must be prepared for the after realities:

Polyamory is mostly about your partner’s individuality, maybe perhaps not you.

Polyamory is my normal love-style and my life style reflects it. My polyamorous orientation is a trait that is fixed not at all something for me personally to conquer. It’s section of my individuality. While individuals can and do alter their minds about polyamory, your best bet would be to assume it is never likely to take place.