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Moms and dads poly that is going how to start off a polyamorous relationship once you curently have children

Moms and dads poly that is going how to start off a polyamorous relationship once you curently have children

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We asked Anie (author of this post and frequent Offbeat Families commenter) to weigh in when we received this question about beginning a polyamorous relationship as parents:

I will be section of a couple of that is considering bringing a 3rd person into our relationship — not merely in a relationship, but completely incorporated into our house. A reality, and we intend to live together as three intelligent, consenting adults, we have few problems with moving towards making this arrangement. But, we do have a kid, and also this will be both a significant difference on her behalf and one that will need an excellent talk since as much as this aspect this is not one thing she’s a framework of guide for. I am wondering: could you guys provide us with some suggestions about starting a poly relationship whenever kids are actually included — or you might know of on the topic if you could share resources? — Nova

It out through trial and error and drama and crying and family meetings and lots and LOTS of talking when it comes to the romantic entanglements of adding a third partner to an existing relationship, I’m afraid you’re mostly going to have to figure. As soon as you have it all resolved, however, there are a few practical components of integrating a brand new person into your household that i will joyfully offer some suggestions about.